Information Systems for Agricultural Risk Management in Uganda


A number of information systems in Uganda inform farmers’ and government’s decision over risk and risk management strategies in the agricultural sector. Most information systems stem from thematic areas of weather and climate, plant health, livestock health, production and yields, market information, price of inputs, and socio-economic factors. The potential benefit of information for agricultural risk analysis depends on the ability of stakeholders to access and use the information to support decision making.


This working paper investigates the availability and quality of information for agricultural risk management purposes in Uganda. It emphasizes the existence of information and the timeliness and accessibility by stakeholders – both macro and micro level – for ARM purposes.

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Agnes Atyang
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PARM (2015) “Information Systems for Agricultural Risk Management in Uganda“. Agricultural risk management working paper, no.1. IFAD/PARM: Rome, Italy. A study conducted by Agnes Atyang for PARM/IFAD, Italy: Rome.…gement-in-uganda/