Sub-Saharan Africa

Comparative – Information Systems for Agricultural Risk Management


This policy brief presents key highlights on Information Systems for Agricultural Risk Management (IS-ARM) across 7 focused PARM countries. The brief identifies 3 levels/sources of information systems for 7 thematic areas that are relevant for ARM purposes.


It suggests that information systems in all the 7 focused PARM countries present weak/poor information for agricultural risk management analysis on all the thematic/sub-thematic areas except Price, Satellite image and Trade related information. In particular, the thematic area of Animal and Plant Health shows the weakest/poorest information availability and access across all the countries. When compared between the countries, Ethiopia has a good information on almost all the thematic areas but it has very weak communication and poor information accessibility rates.

Conducted by:
Balikisu Osman
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PARM (2016) “Comparative – Information Systems for Agricultural Risk Management“. IS-ARM policy brief, no.8/8, IFAD/PARM: Rome, Italy. A comparative policy brief for PARM countries developed by Balikisu Osman, PARM Intern (2016/17).