Improving Delivery of Risk Management Services to Farmers in Uganda

A Public-Private Partnership built on the Finance, Information & Risk Management (FIRM) Model

In Uganda, the lack of sustainable services to farmers, such as agricultural credit, market, and insurance, holds agriculture back. Both the public and private sector have struggled to address some of the major needs of the farming population. This report analyzes key constraints for growth in the agricultural sector and presents an innovative approach to address some of the key challenges, in particular, access to information, finance, and risk management tools in order to leverage investment in the agricultural sector.


Based on consultation with key stakeholders, the report conceptualizes a business model built on a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) starting from a private initiative called the Finance, Information & Risk Management (FIRM) led by FIT Uganda.

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InfoTrade & AgriRiskAnalyzer in Uganda
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PARM (2017) “Finance, Information & Risk Management“. A concept note prepared by the InfoTrade  & AgriRiskAnalyzer in Uganda.…-risk-management/