Sub-Saharan Africa

Appropriate Warehousing and Collateral Management Systems in Sub-Saharan Africa

Volume III - Review of Applicable Laws

This Volume III report of a study on warehouse receipt financing and collateral management systems for smallholder farmers in Africa is a review of the applicable laws supporting the delivery of warehouse receipt systems across selected African countries.


It presents a detailed review of the institutional and regulatory frameworks in relation to warehouse receipt financing and other forms of commodity-based financing in the subject countries. It must be noted that this legal review focuses on the legal position in the subject countries, up to 2014, and analyses the key legal factors relevant to the subject of the study.

Conducted by:
Jonathan Coulter & Geoffrey Wynne
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PARM (2014) “Appropriate Warehousing and Collateral Management Systems in Sub-Saharan Africa“. A study conducted by Jonathan Coulter & Geoffrey Wynne under the sponsorship of IFAD/AFD/CTA/PARM.…saharan-africa-3/