Agricultural Risk Assessment Study in Senegal

In the livestock farming and fishing sub-sectors

This Risk Assessment Study (RAS) report presents outcomes of a study to complement the World Bank 2015 agricultural risk assessment for Senegal. The study only focuses on the livestock and fisheries sub-sectors as these are the two prioritized areas identified by the Senegalese Government for in-depth evaluation.


The main objective is to identify risks facing the two sub-sectors and quantify their impacts on the Senegalese economy to facilitate decision-making with regard to risk assessment and management. The analysis is based on information from literature, stakeholder consultations and statistical quantification.

Conducted by:
Abdrahmane Wane, M. Aliou Diouf Mballo & M. Alioune Badara Sy
In collaboration with:

Ministere De l’Agriculture et de l’Equipment Rural

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PARM (2016). “Agricultural Risk Assessment Study in Senegal in the livestock farming and fishing sub-sectors“. A study conducted by W. Abdrahmane, M. A. D. Mballo, A. Sy in collaboration with Ministry of Agriculture and rural equipment.…study-in-senegal/