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Uganda is a country exposed to different agricultural risks related to production, markets, infrastructure and institutions. The unreliability and lack of data on markets, production and weather is an additional impediment for the efficient management of agricultural risks. In addition, climate change and variations in weather patterns increase the challenges for farmers. Postharvest losses are large and unpredictable. A PARM risk assessment study was launched in October 2015 and provides full information on Ugandan agricultural risks.

Parm Phases Status

Setting Up
Risk Assessment
Policy Dialogue
Follow Up

Setting Up

Setting-up Mission, December 2014

The PARM Team organised its first visit (jointly with NEPAD) to the country from 15-18 December 2014 to follow-up on the Agricultural Risk Management (ARM) process already started with FAO and NEPAD in 2013.

The main purpose of the mission was re-launching PARM activities in the country in order to include the ARM initiatives in the new Agricultural Sector Strategic Plan (ASSP) that need to be approved in 2015 for the period 2016-2020.

It was also identified by the Government the need of an additional study on Agricultural Risk Management Information System (ARM-IS) to integrate the Risk Assessment study undertaken by PARM. Potential synergies to support PARM studies and capacity development plan were also identified.

Re-launch operations of the National ARM Steering Committee (NSC), December 2014

The National Agricultural Risk Management (ARM) Steering Committee (NSC) meeting was also organised during the December mission to re-launch its activities.

The Committee was chaired by the Acting Director of Plan for Modernisation of Agriculture (PMA), and Chair of the Agro-Business Department, and attended by participants from public sector and insurance companies and associations. Two important outcomes resulted from the meeting: Agricultural Risk Management will be explicitly included in the first drafts of the overall National Investment Plan 2016-2020 and the Agricultural Investment Plan.

In the debriefing with the National ARM Steering Committee,
chaired by the Ag. Director of the Ministry of Agriculture Animal Industry and Fisheries (MAAIF), PARM’s road map in Uganda was presented and its alignment with the Development Strategy and Investment Plan (DSIP-II) and National Development Investment Plan (NDIP) through the new Agricultural Sector Strategic 2016-2020 (ASSP) was considered a priority.


Risk Assessment

Development of Terms of Reference for the Risk Assessment Study, February 2014

The Terms or Reference (TORs) for the Risk Assessment have been developed and validated by the National Agricultural Risk Management (ARM) Steering Committee (NSC) and the CAADP focal point.

Risk Assessment Study Kick-off, March 2015

A pool of experts both international and local (from Makerere University) has been identified and recruited to undertake the Risk Assessment study in Uganda.

Information System Study Kick-off, May 2015

The Terms of Reference for the Agricultural Risk Management (ARM) Information Study have been developed in collaboration with NEPAD and the Uganda CAADP Focal point.

A local expert was identified to undertake the study.

Risk Assessment Workshop, June 2015

A National Stakeholder Validation Workshop was held from 29-30 June 2015 in Kampala. The objective of the workshop was to present and discuss the Draft Risk Assessment Study currently on-going and identify priorities on risks and tools.

ARM Capacity Development Seminar, July 2015

A Capacity Development Seminar was conducted from 1 to 2 July 2015 by PARM, NEPAD and FAO in partnership with MAAIF with the main objectives to provide trainees with critical capacity to understand the meaning of holistic approach to analyze and manage the main agriculture risks affecting smallholders; to bring relevant experiences of the participants on ARM in Uganda and develop team building among key stakeholders on ARM; and to identify training needs of smallholder farmers to design a plan on capacity development on ARM in Uganda.

ARM National Steering Committee Meeting, July 2015

A National Steering Committee (NSC) inclusive of the main relevant stakeholders on ARM, met on the 3 July to be informed about the results of the discussions and to guide the process that will lead to further integrate agricultural risk management into the national policy.

Launch of PARM Risk Assessment Study in Uganda, October 2015

The Risk Assessment Study on Uganda was launched on the 28th of October 2015 in Kampala on the occasion of the 6th Commemoration of the African Day on Food and Nutrition Security.

Capacity Development Training in Uganda, December 2015

A Capacity Development Training took place on 8-9 December 2015 in Mbale as a follow-up of the Capacity Development Seminar that took place in July 2015. The main objective of the training was to provide trainees with critical capacity to understand the meaning of holistic approach to analyze and manage the main agriculture risks affecting smallholders.


Policy Dialogue

Development and Validation of the Terms of Reference for the Feasibility Study, April 2016

The Terms of Reference for a Feasibility Study of tools to manage risks linked to pests and diseases are being developed, following the Risk Assessment Study and the Risk Assessment Workshop, and in close collaboration with national and regional technical partners.

Workshop on Information Systems for Agricultural Risk Management, May 2016

The workshop took place in Kampala on May 26, 2016 and brought together a broad range of stakeholders from public sector, private sector, the farming community, and the development community to discuss the need for action in the area of ARM related information systems.


Validation Workshop of the Uganda Pest Management Study, September 2016

The workshop took place in Kampala on September 15, 2016. The main purpose of the workshop was to validate the outcome of the crops pest and disease management study and recommending additional insights and practices to better manage future incidences of crop pests and diseases in Uganda with a view to finalize the study.


High Level Policy Dialogue Workshop on Agricultural Risk Management, November 2016

A High Level Policy Dialogue workshop was held in Kampala on November 29, 2106. The workshop sought to raise awareness and enhance further domestication of the work undertaken by the MAAIF in collaboration with the PARM and its strategic partners on mainstreaming Agricultural Risk Management, to disseminate the results of this process and to support the Government of Uganda, the development and private sector partners to lead the move into the implementation phase of the identified ARM tools and initiatives.



ARM training course (CD2), March 2017

The pilot ARM training course was organized and delivered by Makerere University/CAES. The overall outcome was positive/sufficient in terms of contents and training modality.

PARM Capacity Development Strategy, May 2017

In coordination with the Department of Extension Service of MAAIF, the PARM CD Strategy was finalized and presented in the final report of the PARM work in Uganda to the Ministry of Agriculture of Uganda. PARM CD Strategy includes the delivery of more CD2 training during 2017-2018.