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The Gambia

In the Gambia, drought and floods are the most frequent events that affect large segments of the population. The Gambia was not initially part of the PARM selected countries, however the Government express the interest in participating in the programme since an early stage. PARM activities in the country began in mid 2015.

Parm Phases Status

Setting Up
Risk Assessment
Policy Dialogue
Follow Up

Setting Up

Meeting with the Ministry of Agriculture, December 2014

A first meeting between the PARM Secretariat and the Minister
of Agriculture of the Gambia took place in IFAD HQ, Rome
in December 2014 to follow-up on the government request
to integrate the country into the PARM process. During the
meeting the Minister expressed the intention to integrate
PARM into the national strategy and a first country visit was
agreed for April 2015.

Setting-up Mission, April 2015

The PARM Team organised its first visit (jointly with NEPAD) to the country from 20-24 April 2015 to present PARM and getting the official engagement and funds commitment from the Government, given that The Gambia was not originally one of the PARM selected (and budgeted) countries.

An official letter of engagement from Government of Gambia through the Ministry of Agriculture on PARM is expected by mid-May 2015, including the nomination of PARM focal point in charge to develop the road map (deadline mid-June 2015).

The road map will also mention the resources mobilization plan, and GoG financial partners involvement, to cover part of PARM process, mostly the feasibility studies, the Policy Dialogue workshop and the capacity building plan.

Potential synergies to support PARM studies and capacity development plan were also identified.

Suspension of PARM process in the Gambia

In spite of what was perceived as good outcomes of the joint mission undertaken by PARM/IFAD and NEPAD during the first quarter 2015, PARM activities in Gambia have been temporarily suspended due to the internal arrangements at the Ministry of Agriculture.


Country Risks Information

A full profile of risks is currently under development.  


(Source: EM-DAT Database 1900-2015)