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Senegal is subject to highly erratic rainfall patterns that generate important production risks. Floods are the most frequent type of disasters, while droughts are more prominent in terms of the people affected. Locust and grasshopper outbreaks are also frequent and costly. Domestic price volatility is large for food crops, while more moderate for cash crops. Traditionally pastoralist relied only marginally on markets, but this is changing and livestock price risk is becoming more relevant. Other risks include the lack of timely access to quality inputs such as seeds. 

Parm Phases Status

Setting Up
Risk Assessment
Policy Dialogue
Follow Up

Setting Up

World Bank ARM Workshop, March 2015

PARM participated in the World Bank “Risk Assessment and Response in the agricultural sector” workshop held on the 12 March 2015 to explore synergies with the on-going ARM initiatives and present PARM in view of the setting-up mission.


Setting-up Mission, April 2015

A joint PARM-NEPAD first country visit in Senegal was undertaken from 13-19 April 2015 with the organization of a one-day inception workshop.

The mission represented the first step of PARM process in Senegal and to find synergies with the Risk Assessment Study (RAS) recently undertaken by the World Bank in March 2015.

The main achievement of the mission has been the commitment expressed by the MoA, through the SG, to insert PARM in the national agenda. A multi-sector pool of experts coming from different Ministries and organizations has been constituted to identify the gaps of the World Bank RAS and to be integrated (partially or totally) by PARM.

Official Engagement from the Government

The official commitment from the Government has been formally expressed by a letter addressed to PARM.

Road Map Development, May 2015

A road map was developed by the Government in collaboration with the CAADP Focal Point.


Risk Assessment

Follow-up Mission and Validation of the Terms of Reference for the Risk Assessment Study, February 2016

This follow-up mission was organized to meet with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Equipment (MAER), strengthen synergies with national and regional partners, and to validate the Terms of Reference of the Risk Assessment Study with the technical committee. A PARM country liaison officer was also selected.

Capacity Development Seminar and Information Systems Technical Meeting, March 2016

A capacity development was organized in partnership with NEPAD and the Ministry of Agriculture, to present the holistic approach to Agricultural Risk Management and discuss the prioritization of risks in Senegal. It was attended by key stakeholders from the government, research institutions and farmers‘ organizations.

The training contributed to :

  1. Enhancing participants’ skills on Agriculture Risk Management (ARM) and develop an understanding of the holistic approach to agricultural risk
  2. Elaborating key concepts in ARM and use them to identify and analyse risks in agriculture
  3. Giving a first introduction to risk assessment methods and to some risk management tools available in Senegal

A technical meeting was also organized to discuss the study undertaken by CEIGRAM on Information Systems for Agricultural Risk Management in Senegal and 6 other African countries with local stakeholders. Fruitful exchanges and feedback led to a better alignment of the study with the needs and realities of the national stakeholders.

Risk Assessment Study Kick-Off, April 2016

Experts have been identified and recruited to undertake the Risk Assessment study in Senegal, focusing on two key areas: fisheries and livestock. This study will be undertaken in collaboration with local research centers and practitioners.

Risk Assessment Workshop, June 2016

A National Stakeholder Workshop took place in late June 2016 in Senegal, in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and NEPAD. The objective of the workshop was to present and discuss the Draft Risk Assessment Study currently on-going and identify priorities on risks and tools.