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In Liberia, epidemics, floods, storms and extreme temperature are the main systemic adverse events in the country. PARM activities in Liberia are starting in 2016.

Parm Phases Status

Setting Up
Risk Assessment
Policy Dialogue
Follow Up

Setting Up

Setting-up mission, May 2016

The PARM Team  organised its first visit to the country in May 2016 to get the official commitment of the Government of Liberia and to develop a road map to initiate the discussion on the integration of agricultural risk management (ARM) into national rural and agricultural strategic development policies, plans and budget.

Different meetings with national and international stakeholders actives on ARM contributed to mainstreaming the PARM process and identifying potential synergies to support PARM studies and capacity development.

Road Map, June 2016

The official PARM road map was developed with the CAADP focal point (based at the Ministry of Planning) and the TORs of the RAS approved.


Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment and Information system studies, September 2016

The identification of the consultant agency for the two studies was launched in September and the offers received at the end of October. The RAS study is expected to kick-off in November 2016 and the IS in the 2nd quarter 2017.

Identification of Country liaison officer, October 2016

In order to support PARM process on the organization and implementation of the activities the selection of a country liaison officer has been launched and expected to be finalized by the end of 2016 in collaboration with the CAADP/PARM focal point at the Ministry of Planning.

Selection of experts for the RAS study, December 2016

The pool of experts for the RAS study was selected at the end of the year (CEIGRAM) and the first preliminary actions initiated. The final report is expected by the end of May 2017

Capacity Development Seminar, April 2017

A First Capacity Development Seminar was held on 20-21 April 2017, in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture. It provided national stakeholders from government agencies, farmers and farmers organizations, and academia an introduction to the holistic approach to Agricultural Risk Management, the methodology of PARM to assess risks, and an overview of tools used to manage agricultural risks.

RAS National Stakeholder workshop, June 2017

The RAS workshop was organized on the 14th of June and the preliminary results presented and the inputs from participants afterwards collected and integrated into the final version of the report.


Country Risks Information

A full profile of risks is currently under development.  



(Source: EM-DAT Database 1900-2015)