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Cabo Verde

Cabo Verde is mainly exposed to droughts, epidemics and storms. First setting-up activities have started in mid 2015, however PARM Activities in the country were officially launched in late 2015. The risk assessment study will be published by mid 2017.

Parm Phases Status

Setting Up
Risk Assessment
Policy Dialogue
Follow Up

Setting Up

NEPAD Country Visit, April 2015

A NEPAD first country visit in Cape Verde took place in April 2015 to launch the PARM setting-up
phase and engage in the first contacts with the government and national stakeholders.

Official Engagement from the Government, February 2016

The official commitment from the Government has been formally expressed by a letter addressed to PARM in February 2016  and a CAADP focal point has been nominated by the Ministry to support PARM process.


Risk Assessment

Development of Terms of Reference for the Risk Assessment Study, March 2016

The Terms of Reference for the Risk Assessment have been developed. Experts to carry out the risk assessment study have been identified and recruited in collaboration with NEPAD.

Capacity Development Seminar, July 2016

A first Capacity Development Seminar took place on 13 July 2016, in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and NEPAD. It provided national stakeholders from government agencies, farmers organizations and private sector an introduction to the holistic approach to Agricultural Risk Management, the methodology of PARM to assess risks, and an overview of tools used to manage agricultural risks.

Risk Assessment Workshop, July 2016

A National Stakeholder Workshop took place on 14-15 July 2016 , in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and NEPAD, to present and discuss the Draft Risk Assessment Study currently on-going and identify priorities on risks and tools.


Policy Dialogue

Kick off of the Feasibility Study, September 2017

The selection of the experts that will conduct the feasibility study on access to rural finance by farmer organization and linkage to local markets has been finalized. The study will be completed by December 2017.


Country Risks Information

A full profile of risks is currently under development.  


(Source: EM-DAT Database 1900-2015)